Wednesday, September 30, 2009

cookie time

So one of my roommates and I were sitting in my room, both minding our own business at our own respective desks, in our opposite corners of the room. When suddenly he says aloud, "It's a cookie night." Not exactly sure what constitutes a so called cookie night I responded, "heck yes it is." So after saying this he pulls out the pack of 60 cookies, orange pineapple creme cookies...? Interesting, very interesting. In curiosity I took one of these mystery cookies and took a bite. It was one of those cookies that makes you say "huh." While I am deliberating the flavor of these cookies Cupcake came into my dorm room saw the free cookies on our desk and was overtaken with disappointment and anger because he had already brushed his teeth, surprisingly he resisted the temptation and went to bed with clean teeth.

So for future reference if you ever come across cookies flavored of the fruits of orange and pineapple, put peanut butter on them it makes them taste better. Or if you just want to say huh, pick yourself up a pack of 60, if you do, then you must finish them all at once by yourself then tell me how you feel.

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