Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Frickin' Way Dude!

"No frickin' way dude, I used to have that same phone!" Ahh, the beauty of rediculous statements. As my friends and I were leaving the church we lovingly call the Free Meth, or Free Mother, we passed a peculiar young man. I believe the correct term to refer to this young lad would be the proper term "Bro."His dress was something to behold, now keep in mind, it was Sunday. The Bro was wearing what seemed to be a high school football jersey that was obviously too small. Tan pants that were worn peculiarly high on his waist. In passing I eaves dropped on a small part of his conversing with a few young women standing near him. As he stood there he noticed the girl standing opposite him just so happened to have the same phone he used to have, that he, keyword used to have. His exact word were, as previously stated, "No frickin' Way dude, I used to have that same phone!" Take it as you will... but yes it happened. Also, if you are reading this blog in apprehension afraid there may be some mental disability in the so called Bro, have no fear he is not just your everyday run of the mill bro who wears his high school football jersey to church, when it is most defenietly not game day.

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