Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am sitting here alone. While all my friends are off to lunch in the Ogle Dining Commons I am sitting in my room, eating my turkey, cheese, mayonnaise and mustard sandwich. (I just got up to go to jake's room and get my Maruchan Instant Lunch in a cup, now I'm back) So sometimes time alone is great, it seems like if you never spend anytime alone you never have the chance to catch up with your own thoughts and really focus on your inner reactions to life. If you don't slow down, especially at college where lets be honest, it's a strait up party every second (the good Christian kind) especially if you live on Ormston 2.

I am realizing how important this is all the time. Although without the interaction with people the quite times can also drive me crazy, I would probably get really down, finding the balance is key. I find the less time I get for just time alone, the more I enjoy it. The more intent I am to just be reflective and talk to God a little bit, not asking God for something like I usually do, but just talking to Him....sometimes that is strange for me....

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