Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some people, you know!

VanValin wants to go to dinner, but its 5:00pm. No one should eat dinner this early, and besides the floor dinner isn't until 5:15. So selfish. He tries to act like we should feel sorry for him because he has to work at 5:30, but I tried to tell him, his bad. He should have thought of this before he decided to get a job. If VanValin truly cared about us he would quite his job, buy a cell phone and stop being so tall. Seriously, just because people are tall they treat other people with disrespect and utter blatant disgust as if they are a better race, people like that, or like Jackson who, just because someone does not see eye to eye in their taste buds on whether or not they enjoy the taste of okra, or even fried okra at that, would lash out in such anger.

alright talk to you all later, I'm going to dinner.

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