Wednesday, September 30, 2009

cookie time

So one of my roommates and I were sitting in my room, both minding our own business at our own respective desks, in our opposite corners of the room. When suddenly he says aloud, "It's a cookie night." Not exactly sure what constitutes a so called cookie night I responded, "heck yes it is." So after saying this he pulls out the pack of 60 cookies, orange pineapple creme cookies...? Interesting, very interesting. In curiosity I took one of these mystery cookies and took a bite. It was one of those cookies that makes you say "huh." While I am deliberating the flavor of these cookies Cupcake came into my dorm room saw the free cookies on our desk and was overtaken with disappointment and anger because he had already brushed his teeth, surprisingly he resisted the temptation and went to bed with clean teeth.

So for future reference if you ever come across cookies flavored of the fruits of orange and pineapple, put peanut butter on them it makes them taste better. Or if you just want to say huh, pick yourself up a pack of 60, if you do, then you must finish them all at once by yourself then tell me how you feel.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am sitting here alone. While all my friends are off to lunch in the Ogle Dining Commons I am sitting in my room, eating my turkey, cheese, mayonnaise and mustard sandwich. (I just got up to go to jake's room and get my Maruchan Instant Lunch in a cup, now I'm back) So sometimes time alone is great, it seems like if you never spend anytime alone you never have the chance to catch up with your own thoughts and really focus on your inner reactions to life. If you don't slow down, especially at college where lets be honest, it's a strait up party every second (the good Christian kind) especially if you live on Ormston 2.

I am realizing how important this is all the time. Although without the interaction with people the quite times can also drive me crazy, I would probably get really down, finding the balance is key. I find the less time I get for just time alone, the more I enjoy it. The more intent I am to just be reflective and talk to God a little bit, not asking God for something like I usually do, but just talking to Him....sometimes that is strange for me....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Frickin' Way Dude!

"No frickin' way dude, I used to have that same phone!" Ahh, the beauty of rediculous statements. As my friends and I were leaving the church we lovingly call the Free Meth, or Free Mother, we passed a peculiar young man. I believe the correct term to refer to this young lad would be the proper term "Bro."His dress was something to behold, now keep in mind, it was Sunday. The Bro was wearing what seemed to be a high school football jersey that was obviously too small. Tan pants that were worn peculiarly high on his waist. In passing I eaves dropped on a small part of his conversing with a few young women standing near him. As he stood there he noticed the girl standing opposite him just so happened to have the same phone he used to have, that he, keyword used to have. His exact word were, as previously stated, "No frickin' Way dude, I used to have that same phone!" Take it as you will... but yes it happened. Also, if you are reading this blog in apprehension afraid there may be some mental disability in the so called Bro, have no fear he is not just your everyday run of the mill bro who wears his high school football jersey to church, when it is most defenietly not game day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

BIO 100

As I sat in BIO 100 trying not to fall asleep, while Jowarski is spending way to much time talking about a bunch of random things. While pausing every sentence waiting for someone to answer his open ended questions that no one ever knows the answers to, and spending 45 min talking about George Washington Carver and how he used peanuts to save the south's soil. How people in Europe and mostly any other country in the world except U.S. and Canada hardly every use peanut butter. We talked about roasted peanuts, boiled peanuts, and raw peanuts how Jowarski hates those. The song from the civil war about peanuts and a bunch of other ridiculous unnecessary facts that have nothing to do with the class. While all these things are being discussed I am sitting there in my seat in the second row and I am thinking to myself I wonder if I should blog about this.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some people, you know!

VanValin wants to go to dinner, but its 5:00pm. No one should eat dinner this early, and besides the floor dinner isn't until 5:15. So selfish. He tries to act like we should feel sorry for him because he has to work at 5:30, but I tried to tell him, his bad. He should have thought of this before he decided to get a job. If VanValin truly cared about us he would quite his job, buy a cell phone and stop being so tall. Seriously, just because people are tall they treat other people with disrespect and utter blatant disgust as if they are a better race, people like that, or like Jackson who, just because someone does not see eye to eye in their taste buds on whether or not they enjoy the taste of okra, or even fried okra at that, would lash out in such anger.

alright talk to you all later, I'm going to dinner.

There's a first time for everything.

So, I made a blog today. I promise it is not a joke, I am not making fun of anyone that has a blog. Just to warn anyone who may come across this blog, be prepared for shear AWESOMENESS!