Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Rivalries

So I have a friend, a few friends actually who enjoy rooting for the opposite teams of who I consider myself a huge fan of. As I would hope most of my friends know I am a giant fan of the always great Detroit Red Wings and the Michigan Wolverines. Furthermore, as many of you know both teams have lost recently. It is so interesting how a game, one side versus another, rooting for one team can divide the bond you once had with a friend. I never realized the deep hatred I had for the fans of the teams who defeat my favorite team. The next person that talks trash to me, I will literally cut them.

On a lighter note. Me and my roommates plus Cordell piled into our friends truck this weekend, even missing part of a very intense rivalry football game. Four of us in a truck with 3 seats drove 20 miles to somerset beach to pick up a great addition to our dorm room. Somehow we fit 1 1/2 couches in our room. It is a great addition, it definitely gives our room a more roomy, homey feel. It is super comfortable to. Now are room has become the place to be amongst our floor bro's, not sure how I feel about that... so far its been good... I just hope I don't start losing more of the little sleep I get because of it. So any-who, if any ya'll wanna come check out our couch, hang out a while feel free to drop by Ormston 202. That is of course unless you are a Michigan State, St. Louis Blues, Avalanche, Penguins, Ohio State, or any other team that is not the Wings or Michigan. I will warn you those who appose my team, my room is heavily booby trapped.