Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Rivalries

So I have a friend, a few friends actually who enjoy rooting for the opposite teams of who I consider myself a huge fan of. As I would hope most of my friends know I am a giant fan of the always great Detroit Red Wings and the Michigan Wolverines. Furthermore, as many of you know both teams have lost recently. It is so interesting how a game, one side versus another, rooting for one team can divide the bond you once had with a friend. I never realized the deep hatred I had for the fans of the teams who defeat my favorite team. The next person that talks trash to me, I will literally cut them.

On a lighter note. Me and my roommates plus Cordell piled into our friends truck this weekend, even missing part of a very intense rivalry football game. Four of us in a truck with 3 seats drove 20 miles to somerset beach to pick up a great addition to our dorm room. Somehow we fit 1 1/2 couches in our room. It is a great addition, it definitely gives our room a more roomy, homey feel. It is super comfortable to. Now are room has become the place to be amongst our floor bro's, not sure how I feel about that... so far its been good... I just hope I don't start losing more of the little sleep I get because of it. So any-who, if any ya'll wanna come check out our couch, hang out a while feel free to drop by Ormston 202. That is of course unless you are a Michigan State, St. Louis Blues, Avalanche, Penguins, Ohio State, or any other team that is not the Wings or Michigan. I will warn you those who appose my team, my room is heavily booby trapped.

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  1. Dear Ryan,

    Although we may not agree on many things in the world of sports, I hope that we can soon come to a mutual level of respect for the greatest sport on this earth. While we may be foes, please realize that we are still brothers with the same passion for hockey; and I will say that you are not like most "wings fans" here, and that you actually appreciate the Wings organization for what they are and not merely because they win.
    Two of the contest between the Wings and the Blues are over. I ask that we only hate each other on the four days of remaining games.

    In the spirit of competition,
    Tyler Prough